Bookkeeping Online

    We’ve Made it EASY for You

    Everything Can Be Done With Bookkeeping Online

    Would you like the convenience of all your bookkeeping needs being done over the internet? No need to provide office space or computers for your bookkeeper anymore!

    At Bookkeeping Adelaide, we can either access your own computer remotely via an internet connection, or if you already have MYOB, can arrange things so that we do all your bookkeeping from our office, then email you the updated backup of your MYOB data file. Having another MYOB data file in a secure location in cyberspace provides extra peace of mind.

Here’s What YOU Need to Do

  • These days, most people can download their bank statements into a .CSV file or Acrobat .pdf file from their internet banking service. All you need to do is email this to us, then…
  • If you have a fax machine, send any “petty cash” type dockets to us at 08 8121 6198, or mail to the address below, for processing.
  • If Payroll services are required, simply email or fax employee hours to us for the relevant period. Be sure to get each new employee to sign a Tax Declaration Form (this is both a legal requirement and critical to the payroll recording process) and keep it in a place where you can find it, or fax your copy to us. We can even provide you with a special Excel spreadsheet which calculates PAYG withholding tax and net pays. You can use this (it’s free) and then email the file to us for inclusion into your general accounting records.
  • If Debtors or Creditor services are required, this is more involved and we may need to discuss logistics as to how documents can be transferred to us online or by mail. One idea is, to scan, fax or digitally photograph all invoices and email the scanned files as email attachments – or fax to our secure number. If this seems to much trouble, we may need to visit you, or arrange a courier.
  • Most of the above can be done from anywhere in the world!

This is What WE Will Do

  • We will use the source documents or files you have emailed to process your financial transactions into MYOB or QuickBooks accounting software and compile monthly or quarterly cash or accrual based financial statements, superannuation payable report and any other ‘payable’ type reports you need to comply with legal requirements.
  • We will also use it to take care of all your GST needs and prepare your monthly or quarterly BAS for you and email a scanned copy of your BAS together with any amounts payable or refundable.
  • For payroll processing, we will email you a report including an acrobat .pdf file which contains your payslips. Simply print & distribute to staff, or we can email them to employees for you.
  • SO EASY!

    We have worked as tax accountants in public practice, so we know exactly what your accountant is looking for. We know what adjustments they normally need to make and all the “headache areas” they have to correct, to complete your annual tax returns. Save yourself on these accounting fees by getting it right the first time with bookkeeping online!

    Bookkeeping Adelaide provides the systems, the strategies and the advice you need – no matter what field you operate in. Whether it is just tidying up your accounts, preparing information for your bank or whatever – we’re here to eliminate your stress. Our fees are very reasonable. We can even quote a fixed fee for the job or project, if you prefer (subject to re-negotiation).

    Don’t wait until your business records are a mess and it’s all too hard! We would love to hear from you and help you with your bookkeeping online.

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