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Did you know that you can give your bookkeeper access to your MYOB program so that they can process your transactions without ever having to visit your premises or take up valuable desk space?

(NOTE:- If you already have MYOB and were looking for someone to do your bookkeeping online, then you should go here)

It saves your bookkeeper travel time and therefore costs to you, while also keeping your valuable records in a safe, secure location.

So if your laptop is stolen, or your computer is somehow lost or destroyed, your MYOB data file is safely tucked away out there on the internet. You could even theoretically go to any internet cafe or library in the world, login to your MYOB accounting program and access your data. What is this worth to you?

MYOB bookkeeping online is about setting up your MYOB software program so that it is hosted on a remote server. You or your bookkeeper can then login to the site and access the program from there. This effectively means that your bookkeeping can be done from virtually anywhere in the world over the internet.

This is a marvellous way to use modern technology.

Bookkeeping Adelaide can help you with this. The hosting costs as little as $29.95 per month. You simply either fax or email your bank statements to your bookkeeper (that’s us), together with any relevant comments about the nature of the transactions. The bookkeeper will then access your MYOB program via the internet and commence working. After it’s all done, relevant reports can be printed and emailed to you as Acrobat .pdf files. Your monthly or quarterly BAS can also be completed this way. In fact, if you have an online BAS lodgement arrangement with the Australian Taxation Office, everything can be done with the click of a mouse.

So convenient!

So if you’re interested in MYOB bookkeeping online as your preferred option, feel free to contact us anytime to discuss how it works.

Or visit this link for more information.

It’s more convenient for us … which makes it cheaper for you.

Everyone wins!  🙂

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Whatever it takes, our Adelaide bookkeeping service can tailor any of the following services to your needs:

  • Assistance with BAS or IAS
  • Bookkeeping through to Financial Statements (if required)
  • MYOB Installation and Training
  • Inventory management
  • Accounts Payable/Receivable
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Payroll
  • Profit & Loss Reporting
  • Business Analysis – Key Performance Indicators
  • Financial Modeling
  • Cost Volume Profit Analysis

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